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Crimson Hair Studio & Makeup Artistry is located in the heart of Coffs Harbour. We're more than just a place for haircuts and styling; we are a haven for self-expression and confidence. We understand the power of a great hairstyle to boost your spirits and reveal your inner beauty. Whether you're looking for a fresh new look, a classic style, or a unique and creative transformation, our team is here to make it happen.


Proudly Sustainable

Our journey towards sustainability has been fortified by a strategic partnership with Sustainable Salons. This collaboration has allowed us to align our salon with industry-leading sustainability standards and best practices. We have invested in comprehensive training programs facilitated by the company to ensure that our team members are well-versed in the nuances of sustainable salon operations.

Waste Segregation: We maintain specialised bins to facilitate the separation of various waste streams, ensuring that each type of waste is managed appropriately.

Sustainable Procurement: Our commitment extends to the products we use in our salon. We source recycled foil for our services, further reducing our environmental impact and promoting the use of recycled materials. Additionally, we have adopted the use of biodegradable gloves, which, upon disposal in landfill bins, dissolve within a 12-month period, minimising long-term environmental effects.

These initiatives not only reflect our dedication to sustainability but also serve as a testament to our salon's responsible business practices. We continually strive to lead by example within our industry, setting a standard for environmentally conscious operations.

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Our Services

We offering everything from traditional services, to custom offerings. Explore our range below, book online or contact us with enquiries.

Keratin Smoothing Treatments
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Meet the team

behind it all...

At Crimson Hair, we're not just a hairdressing salon; we're a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about our craft. With four exceptionally talented staff members who have a deep love for what they do, we've made it our mission to transform hair care into an art form. Learn more about our team below, including their industry background and passions.


Founder & Senior Hair Stylist.

Jaymi-lee began her career over 12 years ago. From cutting her little sisters hair as toddlers, to cutting and dying her own hair as a teenager, becoming a hairdresser was a natural evolution! 

Jaymi-lee enjoys all services, with colouring being her specialty. She has piloted the sustainability movement in Coffs Harbour, signing up to be the first sustainable salon in the area, doing her part in the industry.


Senior Hair Stylist.

April started her career over 20 years ago. She's always loved being creative and hairdressing gives her the outlet to do so.

Since she began her career, she's experienced many changing trends and continues her training with courses and seminars to keep on top of the latest ways to wow clients.

April loves helping clients work with their natural texture and feel good about what they're working with!


Third Year Apprentice.

Nagomi started her apprenticeship with us due to her interest in hair peaking after seeing hair styling & education on socials. Ever since starting, her passion has grown with her skillset, fuelling her drive to put her best foot forward for clients.

She loves colouring, particularly with blondes, creating lived in, low maintenance looks.


Hair Stylist.

Maddi has always had a passion for hair, and puts it down to growing up with nine sisters! She loves doing colour services and seeing new styling, colouring and cutting techniques come through the industry.

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DNA Organics

We proudly use DNA Organics hair colour, and stock salon-grade take-home DNA Organics shampoo, conditioner, treatments and styling products.

Step into the enchanting world of DNA Organics, where the essence of timeless luxury converges with unparalleled performance. Australian made, cruelty free and certified organic. They are uncomplicated, easy-to-use products housed in clean, minimalistic packaging that feels like home.

Whether you're a seasoned stylist or a beauty enthusiast, we invite you to indulge and make it your trusted partner on the journey to glamorous, healthy hair. Get in touch with our team for product recommendations - with their vast range, we have a combination to suit every hair-type and goal.


H2D Hair Care Stylists

Established in 2007, H2D Hair Care set the Australian goal of creating modern and effective styling tools that cater for every possible hair type. From thin or thick hair straighteners, to curlers, to blow dryers and more - we stock everything from their infamous range and are here to assist you in choosing the right one for you, or the perfect gift for a friend or loved one! Get in touch with our team now for assistance.


We are here to guide you

At Crimson Hair in Coffs Harbour, we understand that every hair journey is unique, and we're here to be your dedicated partners in achieving your dream look. Whether you're pondering a new hairstyle, seeking advice on the perfect treatment, or curious about the transformative power of our services, our expert team is just a message or call away.

Connect with us for a personalised consultation where our skilled stylists will take the time to understand your vision and tailor a bespoke plan just for you.

Have questions about our services or products? No problem! We love sharing our passion for haircare and styling, so feel free to reach out.

Need a quick estimate for your desired service? We've got you covered with instant quotes! And when it comes to choosing the right products for your hair type, ask our team for personalised recommendations.

Contact us today, and let's embark on a journey to bring your hair aspirations to life.